“I would like to say how much I appreciate your work on my girls. Jenna constantly gets comments about how great her teeth look and she even made the STC webpage. Thank you!”

– Tiffany Strickland

“I’ve been a patient of the Dental Center of Vidalia since age four. They have always treated me like family and are professionals in every sense of the word.

I broke my two front teeth when I was a young girl. During the course of over 20 years, I had the teeth bonded several times, which was costly and annoying to me. I made the decision to have Dr. Stewart Hamilton re-do my smile with porcelain veneers.

It was a three step procedure; braces for a little over 2 months; having temporaries put on; and, finally, the permanent set of veneers were applied.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve even noticed a difference with the way my top lip looks when I smile. Before getting veneers, my top lip seemed to disappear. Now, my top lip no longer curls under.

I now have the beautiful, white smile I always wanted. I adore my permanent set of veneers! Dr. Hamilton and his team are pros. My young children will be patients of the Dental Center of Vidalia, I wouldn’t entrust their smiles to anyone else.”

– Casey Hutcheson

“Please allow me to express my most sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to you and the entire staff of Dental Center of Vidalia.

Thank you for the great care and concern exhibited by Amy and your entire dental tech staff.

My warm thanks to all of your office staff up front who exhibited the same care and efforts to have all my work accomplished.

Please pass my thanks also to Dr. Kimbrell and Dr. Morris for their time and effort spent looking at my dental status.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton for the time you spent working on me, the professionalism you exhibited and the compassion you extended to me in bringing me up to dental health. I have a great respect for you as a person and a dentist an continue to value and trust in your advice.

I hope in the coming years to take a vacation day here and there to have follow-up care done at your office. I truly know what an impact you have all had on me when I would plan some vacation time for dental care rather than Daytona Beach.”

– Rick Stevens

“Thanks again for the good work you did at my dental appointment last Wednesday and for your patience with me being wimpy with the shots. I can handle a lot of things in life, but for whatever reason I can hardly stand needles. Thanks for not making me feel any more embarrassed than I all ready was. You are a great dentist!

Also, I wanted to say again how much I appreciate Meagan Cox and her professional yet caring manner as she assisted you. She held my hand and encouraged me through another appointment receiving shots. She’s very kind. She is priceless!

I thank God for you both. May He bless you greatly for being such a blessing to me!”

– Vicki K.

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